€ 259 Package

Hotel & Spa & € 160 Voucher

The price is per person and includes:
Ÿ- Voucher in the amount of € 160*
Ÿ- 2 overnight stays with half board in a double room
Ÿ- Admission to the Park Entertainment Centre
Ÿ- Complimentary Privilege card
Ÿ- Admission to the swimming pool and gym in the Perla Spa
Ÿ- Complimentary Wi-Fi

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Ÿ- Tourist tax
Ÿ- Single room € 15 per night
Ÿ- Admission to the saunas in the Perla Spa € 10

* The voucher is valid for a single service only.

If the 4-star hotel is fully booked, you will be offered accommodation in a 3-star hotel plus a welcome
drink, fresh fruit in your room, and complimentary bike rental.
For further information, please contact the Booking Office.

Booking at least 3 days before arrival is mandatory.
The package prices apply only if you book through the Booking Service.

t +386 5 331 13 41
f +386 5 336 32 98

The prices are valid until 30 Dec 2019. The Hotel & Voucher package offer applies only to loyalty club members. Club membership is free of charge.
e reserve the right to change the prices and programmes. Does not apply to organized groups.

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